The Author, 2017 outside the Waipiata Tavern on The Otago Rail Trail. Try the taverns home made pies. Delicious.

Someone on hearing I was about to create a website, blog, place on the web, whatever, asked “What on earth induced you to do such a thing?” I really don’t know. Stupidity maybe. Open ones self up for ridicule and derision. I don’t honestly know. Perhaps I was bored, needed to learn something new. I might not have considered that latter statement such a great idea if I had known the amount of frustration I was likely to experience in the process. Now, here it is. So leap in, have a read you never know what you may find, maybe something of interest, an amusing anecdote or a story worth knowing. Enjoy!

I am 69 as I commence this. I spent many years tramping in a more youthful time, followed by a long period of very little as life, family, work, and eventually a business assumed a greater priority. But time moves on and eventually a bit more time back on the trails became a reality. some great walks and time plundering, or should that read blundering, around the Coromandel hills rekindled the desire to get out on the trails again. Not sure how much time I will get to maintain this lot, but I am reliably informed I can post my rambling on here via email from the mobile phone or by using an App for this place. Looks like I need to brush up the technological skill set.

Whatever happens, as time permits, this web / blog site will continue to develop as a means to log and record developments associated with the Te Araroa plans plus providing information on other journeys that involve both the past and the present. You can register on the blog page to follow progress on perhaps the last great journey, well maybe not the last. Journeys have a way of morphing into more journeys. Or changing along the way.

Register an interest and subscribe to be kept informed of this older persons ramblings, both of the physical and verbal kind. You never know, it just might prove interesting.

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