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In My Youth, A Statement That Comes With Age

According to today’s fun police, regulators, bureaucrats, and the legion of namby pamby, (those that believe any child on the loose from the protective environment of their home is a menace to themselves and the environment in general), in the community, we, me and every one of us who were kids in the 40’s, 50’s, …

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The Otago Rail Trail 2017 22 March

Today we covered the last leg of the Otago Rail Trail, 44 km to Middlemarch. Shuttle from Waipiata to Kokonga Station where we had left the bikes overnight. Into the hills for a while. The inevitable bone rattling bridge, thank heavens for the dismount and walk instruction. The bike seat is creating a very tender …

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The Otago Rail Trail 2017 21 March

Didn’t have too far to travel today, just 33 km, Wedderburn to Kokonga station. With shuttle back to Waipiata where we are staying for the night. The shuttle from Naseby took us back to Wedderburn where we ad left the bikes for our start today. Away via the Wedderburn station. The rear end doesn’t hurt …

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The Otago Rail Trail 2017 20 March

Total bike today 44 km. To those that bike regularly that probably isn’t a lot. But for me it was plenty, combined with a sore arse it seemed longer. Start from Omakau was straight forward enough, just the usual long roads and great scenery. Just 9 km from Omakau Lauder Station appeared. Plus the Station …

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