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A Post Because Haven’t Done One In A While

Its hard keeping a blog up to date when you are having fun. Because of that I have been remiss in providing new posts. So I have created this to let anyone that may read this know, I am still alive. It is difficult to comprehend that something like this exists in New Zealand, but …

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The Garden Resurrection

The garden resurrection is truly underway. And from the swamp of winter life is slowly taking over. Spring has been a bit up and down plus the wind the past couple of days has played havoc. However with the tomatoes staked and most other stuff at low levels yet there has been no real damage …

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From The Garden

I have a couple of flowering Manuka in the garden. This red one attracts any number of bees. Its tiny flowers and strange looking seed pods are a constant source of fascination to me.

Back To The Garden – It Must Be Spring

From this at the end of winter, after having the vege garden flooded four times, plus the incessant rain in Auckland saturating the ground. Work has taken place in an effort to rejuvenate the soil that was washed away. To this. Yes, still a bit of ground water seeping out, but it is below the …

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