Road Trip 2017 19 March

It was an early start this morning as we had to be in Clyde at the old railway station by 09:00. It is here that SheBikesHeBikes will be equipping us with the bicycles for the Otago Rail Trail. Have I told you how good these people are. They do it all, tell them how many days you wish to take to do the trail and they provide a suggested itinerary with suggested accommodation etc. If it sounds satisfactory they send a full and comprehensive dossier on everything with pricing and a couple of forms to gather information about the people so they can set the bikes up accordingly. They also shift your bags on to the next nights accommodation for you.  Brilliant company to deal with.

Meanwhile back on the road, not much time to stop and dawdle this morning. Firstly we needed to stay on schedule secondly it was none too warm to be standing around at dawn.

Sunrise On The Road

However we did take a couple of brief stops because of the sunrise which did prove to be somewhat spectacular.

Sun Getting Up Over The Fields

We arrived a little ahead of schedule in Clyde which gave us enough time to find some breakfast at a local cafe, actually Oliver’s Restaurant  Can highly recommend the food here and a very nice setting within. Plus outdoors eating if you wish. That would probably have been an option later in the day but a bit cool when we arrived.

Clyde is very small but an absolutely delightful place. Some of the old buildings are very scenic and have been preserved very nicely. The open flag is to Oliver’s where we had breakfast.

Following on from breakfast we found the old rail station and the SheBikesHeBikes office.

Old Clyde Rail Station Home to SheBikesHeBikes

We were also leaving the vehicle here and they organise to have it delivered to Middlemarch our finish point on the Otago Rail Trail so that all we do is cycle in hand over the bikes in exchange for car keys, load up and away on the next phase of the journey. The whole set up is brilliant.

The Cyclists Ready or Not Time to Get Underway

All set up and ready to roll on The Otago Rail Trail.


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