Road Trip 2017 Queenstown to Arrowtown 24 March

Still on a high from the bungy jump it was but a short haul to our destination for the night in Arrowtown. Arrowtown is a remnant of the gold mining era and many of the old buildings have been preserved to add to the unique atmosphere of the place.

We had booked into the New Orleans Hotel.

Looked good from the outside, first impression of the inside on checking in was good. Nice restaurant and bar area. had to drive around to the street behind the building to access the accommodation. All parking was metered nothing available as far as the hotel was concerned. However metering finished a short time after arrival and was then free parking until the morning. 3 Flights of stairs to get to the rooms. No mean feat with the baggage we had. Did I say ROOMS? More like holes in a wall. Once you stepped in, put your bags down, you tried to figure out how the hell do we move now. We had once checked into a small hotel in France and we laughed at how small the room was, but this! France was pure luxury compared to this lot in Arrowtown. The shower wasn’t clean and had mould in places, not to mention small. All we had to do that evening was find somewhere to eat. Then get some sleep and head off in the morning. If we had been staying longer, we would have immediately checked out and set about finding somewhere else to stay. Not impressed and would not recommend to anyone. Of course there may have been other rooms elsewhere that we did not see that may have been better, but I don’t think so.

Woke up early in the morning, still dark, took the camera for a walk. Not another soul around except the two of us. It was a beautiful morning if a bit cool.

Loved the shop lighting.

So many little shops, beautifully lit.

You can’t help but love the place.

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