The Otago Rail Trail 2017 20 March

Total bike today 44 km. To those that bike regularly that probably isn’t a lot. But for me it was plenty, combined with a sore arse it seemed longer.

Start from Omakau was straight forward enough, just the usual long roads and great scenery.

Just 9 km from Omakau Lauder Station appeared.

Plus the Station Side Cafe was a welcoming sight for some refreshments. After just 9 km I suppose we didn’t really need the stop, but I was pleased to get off the bike for 15-20 minutes.

Next up it was 23 km to Oturehua.

The weather was panning out well for us and although there was a bit of a breeze while riding it was beginning to heat up rather nicely.

Quite a bit of gentle uphill gradient today as we push on to the highest point on the trail.

More tunnels.

You actually are required to walk your bikes through all the tunnels. Fortunately they are not all that long.

Some of the areas you ride through are quite amazing.

Of course The trail wouldn’t be right without more arse rending judder bar bridges. I could quite happily see these things rendered to firewood.

I didn’t stop at Oturehua all I wanted was to complete the next 12 km and get off the bike. I was beginning to slow down quite a bit, due to the need to alleviate the pressure every so often on the rear end.

But the others took the opportunity for a break at the Humming Bird Cafe. At least I think that’s where they took a break. I guess you don’t drink the water. Or is it just a ploy to sell more beer and wine. Maybe I should have stopped in here.

Ever onward I pressed. This wasn’t far from the highest point. And beyond that it was a downhill run to the Wedderburn Station, a fast downhill run at that.

Finally, the stop point at Wedderburn. What a relief to be off the bike for the day. 33 km to Kokonga for tomorrow.

This is where we leave the bikes overnight. We were taken by shuttle to Naseby, where we will be staying overnight. Its just 15-20 minutes by vehicle.

Naseby accommodation. Naseby is a very interesting old gold mining settlement. It is also home to New Zealand’s only Curling Centre. No this curling is nothing to do with hair styling

Very nicely appointed motel is the Naseby Lodge.

We had previously booked for dinner at The Ancient Briton Pub. And it was just a short walk to get there. Some of the old buildings are interesting. With the old post office and it’s imposing look. Quite a distinct look back in time.

It also came with a Tardis that was straight out from the time of Dr. Who. We tried it but it seemed to malfunction and not transport us anywhere.

The Royal Hotel.

Watchmakers establishment.

Then it was time for dinner at The Ancient Briton.

If you are ever in Naseby The Ancient Briton is the place to eat. The atmosphere is great the food they served was certainly fine dining with a great selection to choose from. There is a wide selection of wine and beer to compliment the food should you require it. I have never been in an English pub, but from photo’s and tv programmes I have seen this place certainly looks like one, and with the atmosphere to go with it.I have to say it again, but the food was absolutely superb.

With full belly’s and a bit of conviviality we departed the pub for our lodgings for the night. They have fireplaces in the pub, must be hell keeping the firewood up to feed them. Being in Naseby today really is like taking a step back in time. They have restored and maintained a lot of old buildings and it is great to see them as they once were.

It’s on to Kokonga Station tomorrow and then shuttle back to Waipiata for the nights accommodation.




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