The Otago Rail Trail 2017 22 March

Today we covered the last leg of the Otago Rail Trail, 44 km to Middlemarch. Shuttle from Waipiata to Kokonga Station where we had left the bikes overnight.

Into the hills for a while.

The inevitable bone rattling bridge, thank heavens for the dismount and walk instruction. The bike seat is creating a very tender part of the anatomy.

Prices Creek Viaduct, highest and longest on the trail.

I walked this one too.

From here we are on the downhill section and it will remain that way through to Middlemarch. Which tends to alleviate any anxiety of being able to cover the distance and arrive prior to the cut off time of 14:30 to return bikes and pick up vehicle.

The next junction for some refreshments is Hyde. The view on approach.

Time for coffee and snacks plus rest the tender rear end. The place is run on an honesty box system. Make your drink of choice or select from the chiller, select any snacks you may want, then leave the appropriate amount of money in the container on the counter. Some find this incredible in this day and age.

Off again with a brief stop at the Hyde Rail Station.

Then onto the final long haul to our destination at Middlemarch.

Encountered of flock of Canadian Geese.

Looking to land on the pond.

Moving on we passed Ngapuna. Not that there was much to see. Maybe in a time gone by the gate was to keep people off the rail tracks. We were now on some very long straight sections and with the bike seat beginning to really create mayhem for the bruised rear section all I was interested was making the most of the ever so slight downward grade to reach the end as soon as possible.

Then, finally that welcome sign, your are here.

Followed by a final sprint down a paved road tho the SheBikesHeBikes depot and theĀ  welcome relief to finally give up a goddamn hard bike seat.

Across the road is the Middlemarch Rail Yard, which warranted a stretch of the legs and a photo.

Having picked up the vehicle, and loaded bags and baggage refreshments were next on the list. This place had some delightful food and refreshments, just what was needed and it hit the right spot.



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