They Shoot Looters, Don’t They?

Whilst the world continues to chase infinite growth from finite resources to feed the ever insatiable greed we are all looters, guardians do not exist.

We live in a society of consumerism, to maintain consumerism we must have growth. For growth to be maintained we have to go forth and multiply with fervour in order for there to be enough people to buy more useless stuff made from the world’s finite resources. In order for the 1% that control 99% of the resources to make a big fat profit.

It is akin to lemmings as they are depicted falling off a cliff, follow the leader and everything will be fine.

Will the big fat profits aid them when the resources run out, no it won’t, because there ain’t no 2nd livable planet you can buy a ticket to that is in reach within anyone’s lifetime.

There are no guardians as such. We go into the outdoors with the best of intentions to leave no trace of our presence. However it would be a rare occurrence in which we left absolutely no trace. Plus, even if we did achieve the no trace factor, there are enough hoons roaming around to destroy any such achievements many times over.

If the world’s population is not brought to a grinding halt and then put into reverse, then it won’t be too far away when there will be no more wilderness to roam, just people crawling all over one another.

Therefore, if they manage to solve the climate issue at least we won’t all drown. We can just starve instead.

The fact of the matter is, and it is a worldwide phenomenon, NZ has but 15% of its original indigenous wilderness forest cover left compared to what was on the arrival of the first immigrants. It is decreasing even further every year. Let us all get out there and enjoy it while we can. In precisely the way we always have, with due care and attention to leave as little trace as possible. There is about 75 years left to do so at the current rate of progress.

During the war years they shot looters, pity they do not do the same now?

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