Waikaremoana 2018 Day 1 Walking 17th April – Waiharuru Hut

Having spent a peaceful night at the Waikaremoana Motor Camp we prepared for a 09:00 pick by water taxi to take us to the Hopuruahine end of the track. Our water taxi for the day was provided by David Dods, his contact details are as follows,  Phone: +64 6 837 3988, Fax: +64 6 837 3988, Email: fishdods@xtra.co.nz.

David knows all the ins and outs of the area and is a font of knowledge on all aspects of the history of Lake Waikaremoana. We had a bit of a wait for the water taxi to arrive as an unexpected additional pickup needed to be made. We lounged around, wondering what the weather was actually going to be doing, it was overcast with a bit of wind and looked as if rain was threatening.

However, by the time that we got to the start of the track the cloud had lifted and the day was preparing to be rather pleasant, albeit the breeze was a bit cool when you stopped moving. Everything was pretty damp from the previous days rain and apart from a passing misty cloud of rain we made reasonable time to Whanganui hut. This hut is also another staging point for pickups and drop offs by water taxi. We paused briefly here to have a look around and moved on.

Our next stop was at the Tapuaenui Campsite.










By which time the stomach was beginning to grumble a bit, so we figured this was as good a place as any to grab a bite to eat for lunch. Out came the wraps and a sachet of very flavoursome salmon. Which provided a most satisfactory feed.

Waikaremoana is one of the most pristine places in New Zealand that I know of. It is also well known for having some rather big and very old trees.

We arrived at Waiharuru hut later in the afternoon, and got ourselves settled in for the evening. 




This is looking end on from the kitchen and socialising section, the veranda visible at the left of the picture is the sleeping quarters. It caters for forty bunks. Have heard this referred to as the Waikare Hilton. Must admit it is pretty flash.

Stood on the bridge leading into the hut area at sunset and managed to get this shot.

It was a pretty good day.


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