Waikaremoana 2018 – Day 3 Walking 19 April- Waiopaoa Hut

A bit of a longer day today as we detoured along the way to take in the Korokoro Falls. Whilst the weather was threatening to be a little patchy the worst we got was a good stiff breeze which had a bit of a chill in it when you stopped for a bit of a break The scenery keeps changing a little each day. A couple of short climbs today provided views looking down and over the lake.

Waikaremoana has to be one of the most pristine and untouched places in the country.

It was a great day for walking.

Then we dropped our packs at the junction for the turn off to Korokoro Falls and took the short walk up to the falls. For anyone doing this walk the falls really are a highlight not to be missed.

You can walk along the stream to get a view of the falls but the most common way is to take a very short climb once across the river to view the falls from the top down. From here this is the view.

From the top it is a bit of a scramble down, which if conditions allow is worthwhile as you can cross the river and walk in behind the falls plus take a bit of a swim if you wish. If you have had a swim in the lake and thought that was cold then you know what to expect. We didn’t go to the top today, instead we blundered along up the river to reach the falls, somebody wasn’t listening when I tried to tell them they were going the wrong way. It is a completely differing view from the base of the falls. But still beautiful.

After checking out the falls it was a mere 45 minutes to reach Waiopaoa Hut. Another busy hut with a big complement of people staying the night.

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